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Changes in the ownership of your company is news to your employees, your bankers, your stockholders, your board of directors, your industry. Creating a press release begins with gathering the data needed to communicate the critical points. We've provided a blueprint outlining the information that should be included in a press release announcing a business merger. Since no one person in an organization would have all the necessary information, this questionnaire will help you compile it. This will save you time and money, since the research is done by you and not us.

We can then quickly edit this information into a document that will help you announce your merger. Please complete the following, click the "Process Release" button below and call us at 800-491-9644 for an immediate response. We will verify that we received your data, answer your questions, process your order and begin writing your release.

Please complete the following questionnaire:

Contact name
Contact phone
Contact email
Merger Headline
Name of first company
Location of first company
Description of first company
Industry category of first company
Market description for first company
Date set for merger
Name of second company
Description of second company
Location of second company
Industry category of second company
Market description for second company
Reasons for merger
How employees will be affected
How communities will be affected
Name of new merged company
Industry category of new merged company
Market description for new merged company
Comments of CEO of new merged company
Name of CEO of new merged company
Standard description of new merged company
Press this button to send the data. Then please call us toll-free at (800)491-9644.

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