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PR Services, Inc. has extensive experience in the health care industry. We have helped many health care organizations attain their marketing objectives.

Examples of health care organization work performed by principals and staff

    Atlanta West Hospital
  • Marketing and public relations for health care service organizations
  • Assessed hospital service marketing needs for a 2l-hospital consortium
  • Designed health information literature and fund-raising materials
  • Occupational health program and ambulatory care marketing audit
  • Publicized technical advances in health care delivery, e.g.
    • the no-nursing station concept
    • material movement systems for hospitals
    • emergency medical transportation systems methodology
  • Prepared health promotion testimony for Congressional hearings
  • Coordinated Senate hearings on health matters, preparing testimony and handling news media
  • Community, patient, and physician information programs
  • Publicized nursing staffing studies and patient classification studies
  • Physician recruitment
  • Health services market research
  • Wrote weekly columns on preventive medicine for the general public
  • Planned health fairs and health education public forums
  • Pediatric program market audit and recommendations
  • Performed professional and public communications needs assessment audit
  • Crisis communications
  • Conflict resolution
  • Issues management
Examples of health care organizations served by principals
  • Atlanta West Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Atlantic Eye Center, Arlington, Virginia
  • Cardinal Glennon Memorial Hospital for Children, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Consolidated Hospital Services, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee (a 21- hospital consortium)
  • Georgian Villa (nursing home), Atlanta, Georgia
  • Group Health Association, Washington, DC (HMO)
  • Hackensack Medical Center, Bergen County, New Jersey
  • Mercy Hospital, Toledo, Ohio
  • Mott Children's Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Northern Ottawa Community Hospital, Grand Haven, Michigan
  • Preventicare, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan (multiphasic health screening)
  • Rehabilitation Institute, Detroit Medical Center
  • St. Charles Hospitals, Oregon, Ohio
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital, Granite City, Illinois
  • Stokes Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Danbury, North Carolina
  • University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Examples of health care-related organizations served by principals
  • American Heart Association, Washington, DC (lobbying guidebook)
  • American Red Cross, Washington, DC (institutional and fundraising literature design)
  • American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (communications audit)
  • Anna Kenedi Design Associates, Detroit (health facility interior designers)
  • Associated Hospital Consultants, Washington, DC
  • Baxter-Travenol, Chicago (biomedical products)
  • Chi Systems, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan (hospital consultants)
  • Commission for Responsible Health Policy, Washington, DC
  • Costello Associates, Inc., Washington, DC (hospital consultants)
  • Gelman Sciences, Ann Arbor, Michigan (biomedical products)
  • Gunn Levine Associates, Detroit (hospital architects)
  • Gunn Levine Associates, Windsor, Canada (hospital consultants)
  • Health Management Systems Associates, Minneapolis
  • Health Resources Corporation of America, Lake Forest, Illinois
  • Pediatric Assistance International, Inc. (U.S. medical aid for children in St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Psych Systems, Inc., Baltimore (testing products advertising)
  • Sarns, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan (biomedical products)
  • System Development Corporation, Mclean, Virginia (Florida Medicaid program)
  • Thomas Gunn Architect, Windsor, Canada (hospital architects)
  • Zeidler Partnership/Architects, Toronto, Canada (hospital architects)

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